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2016 Race Calender 


April 23/24th - Silverstone Int.

May 30th - Oulton Park Endurance

June 11/12th - Thrxuton

July 3rd - Donington Park

July 17th - Castle Coombe

August 6/7th - Snetterton 300

August 27/28th - Brands Hatch GP Endurance

October 22/23rd - Brands Hatch Indy (FFF)

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Pembrey Track Testing 2013


Air Temp: 2°C

Track Temp: -0.9°C

Ambient Temp: 4°C


 The Team arrived at the Pembrey Race Circuit bright and early, which allowed us to set up the car ready for the track conditions. As always Pembrey was cold, but it was also wet, which allowed us to test the car on both the Wet tyres and the Slicks.

 Before going out on track the team performed a spanner check and checked the tyre pressures. We ensured that all tyres were at 17psi. Before going out on track, the car appeared to be working as expected.

Session 1

 Tim started his first time on track on the wet set of tyres and was generally happy with how it went, but there wasn’t enough water on track for Tim to complete a longer session and so came in after 6 laps. The gear box worked well and overall the car felt fairly balanced.

Session 2

 During this session, again on the wet set of tyres. However said that the gear changes and brakes were working well, however Tim experienced over steer.  The car did experience a few issues, but were only minor and were fixed on track. After this session, due to the track drying out because the use of the track increased, the team considered changing the tyres from wets to slicks.

909Session 3

 For this session we changed to the slick set of tyres, and would continue to do so for the remainder of the day. Tim had to return to the pits after his out lap in order to tighten some bodywork. Once again the gearbox and brakes were working well. The only real issues experienced were that the exit of Brooklands was damp and the exit of Hatchetts was slippery.

Session 4

Tim felt that this session went very well, with the car having much better balance. For this session Tim completed an on track session at race length, 15 minutes plus 1 lap, in order to give an idea into how well the car handled. With this Tim found that the tyres were going off nearing the end of the session and that at high speeds the car experienced under steer.

Session 5

This was our final session at Pembrey, and was thus the end of testing. Tim felt the session went well and thought the tyre pressures were better.


Testing was incredibly useful for the team, as it allowed us to see how the car performed after the work the Engineers have done. And it paid off, as the car went the fastest it has ever been!