Race Calendar

2016 Race Calender 


April 23/24th - Silverstone Int.

May 30th - Oulton Park Endurance

June 11/12th - Thrxuton

July 3rd - Donington Park

July 17th - Castle Coombe

August 6/7th - Snetterton 300

August 27/28th - Brands Hatch GP Endurance

October 22/23rd - Brands Hatch Indy (FFF)

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Engine work in preparation for Pembrey

The tem have recently been working extremely hard following the engine problem which brought our weekend at Silverstone to an early finish.

The engine was diagnosed at the circuit as having an ignition timing problem, given that the engine was firing out of both the inlet and exhaust.
All electrical components related to the ignition timing seemed to be ok, so the team were initially stumped at to what could be at fault, as the valve timing was also fond to be ok.

The team got to work 'splitting the car'; a process which involves seperating the front of the car from the engine, gearbox and rear suspension.This is the first time the car has been split since being owned by the university.


Racing cars are designed to come apart fairly easily given that working quickly and efficiently is vital in the world of motorsport, where quick repairs may have to be made.

The problem with the engine became immediately apparent when the gearbox was seperated from the engine. Part of the clutch friction plate had snapped off and had lodged itself in the gearbox bell-housing. This had then proceeded to give false signals to the crankshaft position sensor, thereby causing the ECU to recieve false engine position signals, leading to incorrect ignition timing.

A new cluth was ordered and we were told by the seller that this was a common problem with the F3R engine, which was surprising to hear because we would never have suspected such an extraordinary fault.

With the engine out of the car we also took the opportunity to remove the cylinder head and inspect the internals of the engine. Everything was in very good condition for an engine which has covered quite a few mile After some laborious hours of meticulous cleaning, a new head gasket was installed, along with a new timing belt, tensioner and cylinder head bolts.

313355_10150267975640989_677695988_7924754_3286270_nOnce the enine and gear box were back in the car,  the wiring loom reconnected and water and oil pipes plumbed back together it was time to start the engine. Always the most tense moment following work on an engine, but to our immense relief and satisfaction, the engine started up straight away and was back to its normal self, running smoothly and evenly across all four cylinders.

Chief engineer Harley Gason talks about the team's hard work and where this leads on the run up to Pembrey:

" If i'm honest, and whilst this may sound silly, I am thankful that the engine developed a fault which led to the car being split. This is because it has given us the opportunity to get stuck in with the engine, and obviously the car itself during the whole seperation process. It has also exploited the massive potential and skill amongst the team members. The efforts and enthusiam to get this car running again for our home round at Pembrey have been outstanding, and I am confident that such positivity will take precedence at Pembrey and we will deliver a good result in front of our home crowd and supporters."

The team's next event is at Pembrey Circuit, where a double-header will be taking place, over the 24th & 25th September.