Race Calendar

2016 Race Calender 


April 23/24th - Silverstone Int.

May 30th - Oulton Park Endurance

June 11/12th - Thrxuton

July 3rd - Donington Park

July 17th - Castle Coombe

August 6/7th - Snetterton 300

August 27/28th - Brands Hatch GP Endurance

October 22/23rd - Brands Hatch Indy (FFF)

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Supporters' Wing

SMU Motorsport would like to thank everyone who has generously contributed to the team through our supporters' wing:


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Swansea Metropolitan


 mrs t


Kerry Tudor


 MS Photography


Michael Schnitzenbaumer Photography


     leaping cat 


                   Leaping Cat Consultancy



Ballymac Motorsport


 coast medic





 Dakota Graphical Design


derek hogg 


Derek P Hogg


Intown Interiors


 jane cansiz

 kustom skillz

Jane Cansiz Landscapes


Kustom Skills


 gunstone design

 ruddy muddy

Gunstone Design

Ruddy Muddy Motors 


proper job 

dan nan_pasty

Mr and Mrs May

Dan's Nan's Pasties 


 The Mays

mr powell 


Dan May


Mr Powell

 nanny og

 grandma white

Nanny Og

Grandma White

 the great_chubbolini dan price


The Great Chubbolini


Dan Price

 dawn plush

mike plush 


Dawn Plush


Mike Plush

michael oswin

stefanie hoefler


Michael J Oswin


Stefanie Hoefler

loz white

gaz white


Loz White


Gaz White

chris white

molly white


Chris J White


Molly White