Welcome, To the Loco Espada Team

Introducing... Stuart

In the second of our 'Introducing' series, Stuart explains why he's joined us and what he hopes to achieve.

I used to work at Lotus so I’ve experience of CAD, CNC machine programming, assembly etc. but I’ve always been more into bikes than cars really so this year I decided to take that jump away from Lotus and into full time education.  I’m studying a BEng in Motorcycle Engineering but I’ve decided to get involved in the LocoBlade project as it’s a good team to work with – there’s lots of potential for gaining experience and getting involved in different things and it’s running a Fireblade engine too. 

I’ve accepted the challenging project of producing a flappy paddle gear shift for the car; it’s a development that the team was looking for and it’s an interesting project to me too.  If I’m successful it will help our driver, Dave to shift quicker while also keeping more control over the car as he won’t need to take his hand off the wheel.   

It’s going to be quite a big job though, as I will need to look at the electronics that are on the car now and work out how to integrate the new system with them.  I’ll use CAD to draw the paddles and hub, then a CAM programme to create a tool path and machine the pieces.  I’ll also be responsible for assembling everything and integrating it into the car.   I don’t know yet whether we will have a clutch paddle too, that’ll depend on how successful I am with the paddle shifter first, but eventually the goal would be to integrate that too, that will allow left foot braking which will obviously help us to go faster.