Welcome, To the Loco Espada Team

Introducing... Aidan

Aidan is the first of our team members to receive the 'introducing' treatment.  This is what he had to say when we caught up with him earlier:

This is my first year at university and I’m studying Automotive Engineering BEng, I don’t have a lot of prior experience which is one of the reasons I chose to join the LocoBlade team – it’s a project that needs lots of work, there’s lots to be done on the car so I figure there’s more opportunity for me to get involved and get hands on experience.  

 My first project that I’m starting work on now is the rear brakes; the team was keen for someone to work on converting them from drums to discs.  The conversion will be really beneficial to the car and it’s a job that needs doing so I’m happy to volunteer for it.  

I’m not sure at the moment how I’ll go about doing the conversion… yet, but the whole point of being involved in projects on the car is to learn through doing so I’m looking forward to finding out more about braking systems and to producing something that will make the car better.  

My prior experience and area of interest is more on the engine side - over the summer I spent time doing an engine conversion on a Mk2 Golf replacing the existing 1.6 engine with a 1.8 turbo from a Mk 4, however I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge into other areas.