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Some of Swansea’s Jazz Bands & Orchestras 1918 - 1926

The Lady Drummers, Assorted Church Halls

P.O.W's All Woman Orchestra with Florence Davey Ragtime Piano, Albert Hall

Dorothy Evelyn's All Woman Concert Party and Ragtime Piano, Mumbles Pier

Betty Laurie Ragtime Piano, Mumbles Pier

Pat Forde, Ragtime Piano, Mumbles Pier

Miss Delor of Ragtime, Café Chantant

Gretta John and Maye Price Revue, Café Chantant

Gweneth Williams Orchestra, Morriston Parish Hall

Mabel Thomas, Ragtime Piano, Exchange Restaurant

Mr. Hulley's Dance Orchestra, Hotel Metropole

Mrs. Williams and her Orchestra, Mumbles Central Hall

Ragtime Mastery with Doris Page, Café Chantant

Mr. Turner's Jazz Band, Cameron Hotel

Bert Lewis Orchestra, Ben Evans Store Dance, Hotel Metropole

Jessie Davies's Long Night Dance with Chad. Davies Jazz Band, Hotel Cameron

Dennis Williams Orchestra, Hotel Cameron

Performing Waiters and Waitresses, Café Chantant

Murray's River Club Band, Chamber of Commerce Dance, Hotel Metropole

Gretta John's "Everything is Peaches Down in Georgia" Revue, Café Chantant

Society Six and Their Ragtime Pianist, Mumbles Pier

Fred Turner's New Missouri Band, New Baltic Lounge Ballroom, Castle Street

Miss Loxton's String Orchestra, The Latest Dances at Hotel Cameron

T. Williams' Dance Orchestra at the Woolworth's Hop

Mrs. 'Piano' Eddy's Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

H. Roberts and His Orchestra, Brynmill Girls School

Coopers' Orchestra, Swansea Dockers Social Club

All-Women's Band, Sailors Rest Home

Basil Radford Orchestra, Constitutional Buildings

The Dandies, Sailors Rest Home

Syncopated Four in Ragtime, Mumbles Pier

Jazz Wallahs Full Orchestra, St. Gabriel's Hall

Mrs. Wakeford's Dance Band, St. Helen's Conservative Association

Bone and Mangos Nigger Minstrels, YMCA

Estridges Banjianodrum Trio, St. Gabriel's Hall

Dennis Williams' Orchestral Jazz Band, The Elysium

Gil Jones's Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

Keskersay's Amateur Syncopated Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

Mrs. Wakeford's Torchlight Dance Band, Constitutional Buildings

Oliver Watkins and His Jazz Band, Gorseinon

Hutchinson's Orchestra, Thomas's Café Oak Rooms, High Street

Madam Jenkins and Nellis Owens Blind Dance, at Blind Social Centre

Annie Owen's Band, Rechabites Hall, Gowerton

Guards Novelty Orchestra Nigger Troupe, Patti Pavilion

Manhattan Syncopated Orchestra, Hotel Cameron

Mr. O'Niel's Orchestra, St. Joseph's Hall

Fred Turner's Orchestra and Special Tambourine Dance, Patti Pavilion

Saunterers Orchestra, Resident at David Evans Café

Banjos at the Mission, Wesleyan Chapel "To Warm Up Lukewarm Christians"

Betty Melville Combination, Mumbles Pier

The Anglo Indian Concert Party with Ivy Johnson Pianist, Mumbles Pier

Lena Shearson Society Six, Mumbles Pier

Peaches and Tony the Singing Jazz Drummer, Mumbles Pier

Gil Jones Jazz Orchestra, Assembly Rooms

Pastor Jeffrey's Ragtime Hymn-Singing at Mount Zion Chapel

Jollies Jazz Orchestra, Manselton School Dance

White Eyed Coons and Jazz Band, Inmates Dance at Tawe Lodge Workhouse

Mrs. Eddy and Mrs. Rees's Band, British Mannesman Institute, Plasmarl

Mildred Edwards Band, Sketty Church Hall

Horace Roberts' Popular Syncopated Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

Miss E. Jones's Orchestra, Assembly Rooms

Crowley Bros. Augmented Orchestra and Ragtime Fiddler, Assembly Rooms

Billy Ace's Merrymakers, Bay View Terrace

The Jazz Wallahs with Miss Loxton's Piano, Tawe Lodge Dance for Inmates

Mrs. Gilbert Williams's Jazz Orchestra, Mumbles Social Club Central Hall

Winnie Talbot's Music, Mumbles

Miss Aplin's Orchestra, Thomas's Café, High Street

Woolworth's Orchestra, Woolworth's Store, Oxford Street

Welsh Ladies High Class Vaudeville, Patti Pavilion

Mrs. Rhys Burman's Sylvian Jazz Band, Assembly Rooms, St. Helen's Road

Kenways Syncopated Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

D. J. Squires Orchestra, Patti Pavilion

Syd Rees's Jazz Band, Morriston & Dist. Labour Party Parish Hall

Rhea Rees's Juveline Orchestra, Dunvant

Roy Bates and His Syncopated Orchestra, St. Gabriel's Hall

Winnie Scannel's Orchestra, St. Gabriel's Hall

Miss B. Davies and The Baltic Lounge Orchestra

Bower Sisters Dancers and Mandolinists, Pontardawe Palace

Morry's Nine Stars, Hotel Cameron

The Swansea Dance Band, Hotel Cameron

Mrs. Gilbert Williams and The Langland Bay Dance Orchestra

Rialto Dance Orchestra, St. Gabriel's Hall

Havanna Blues Band, Baltic Lounge

The Dansant Full Orchestra, Baltic Lounge every Saturday afternoon

Castle Cinema Orchestra at the Cinema

Yellow Imps Orchestra, Assembly Rooms

Pentrechwyth Nigger Minstrel Troupe, Central Hall

Assembly Rooms Southern Syncopated Orchestra

Bohemian Orchestra, Townhill Institute

Follies Orchestra, Hotel Metropole

Piccadilians Band, Hotel Cameron

Sintsinazzie Syncopated Orchestra, Seamen's Institute

Orpheans "Night Dance", Danycoed

Capitol Band, Exchange Restaurant

Parkins' Super Versatile Band, Mumbles Pier

Frisco Seven Syncopators, Assembly Rooms

Parkins Band, United Servicemen's Club, Mumbles

Amateur Orpheans Band, Patty Pavilion

Paashaaa's Orchestra, Morriston

GWR Dance Orchestra, Mond Buildings

Mr. Hill's Charleston Syncopated Orchestra, Conservative Club Brynmelin

Kentucky Syncopators with Betty Hughes Speciality Dancer, Seamen's Mission

Queries Orchestral Band, Mother's Union Dance, Sketty Church Hall

Ambassadors Orchestra, Gower Hall, every Friday

Phil Cooper and His Capitol Band, Patti Pavilion

Mrs. Hollingdales Orchestra , United Services Club, Mumbles

Le Premier Dance Orchestra, Gwyn Hall, Neath

Elite Jazz Band, Loughor National Schools

Fred Thomas & His New Orleans Dance Orchestra, Thomas's Café, High St.

Charleston Syncopated Orchestra, Waunarlwydd, in aid of new hall

Mrs. Gwynne and Her Premier Orchestra, Sketty Church Hall

The Harmonic Orchestra, Lifeboat Dance, Mumbles

Joe Norris's Southern Syncopated Orchestra, Thomas's Café, High St.

Cliff Maimone and His Band, Exchange Restaurant

Swansea Syncopated Orchestra, Mumbles Central Hall

Premier Dance Band, Exchange Restaurant

Waveley Dance Orchestra, Exchange Restaurant

The Macdonnell Sylveston Band, Llanelliy Liberal Association

Cairo Syncopators, Mumbles Central Hall

Selvytes Orchestra, Mumbles Central Hall

Carlton's Band, St. Mark's Church