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Before Freedom – The story of Willis the fugitive slave

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"Before Freedom" toured to nine schools in Swansea, Cardiff and Rhondda Cynnon Taff. (Funded by Communities First and Awards for All Wales).

Image_ Christian Rae Downing as Willis the runaway slave

This is a touring package with music and visual images available for schools and community venues. Timeline: 1820s Anti-Slavery Society songs to 1890 Spirituals. An Education Resource Pack is available for schools and copies are available for sale. (An inter-active CDRom is planned for schools). Funded by Arts Council Wales, Heritage Lottery Fund, City & County of Swansea.

Some feedback from Primary School Children

"The play was excellent and taught me a lot more about the slave trade. When the actor playing Willis came in I jumped out of my skin, he was a great singer. Some parts made me feel like crying. I'm glad the slave trade is abolished".

"I liked it when Derek put the pictures up and we were singing and doing actions".

"The woman was a good singer, and the pictures on the slide show were upsetting".

"We felt sorry for Willis but happy when he got away alive".

"I think the story has helped me understand about the way they treated black people. I loved the music".

"I liked watching the pictures because it helped me understand the show".

"As I watched the pictures I listened to the lady singing and I felt sorry for them and new (sic) how slaves felt".

"I liked the pictures and the singing. I am glad that black slaves are now abolished".

"I liked the ladies singing and playing, and I was shocked when Willis came on. I learned a lesson never to be racist to black people".