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MIW Overview




Moving Image Wales (MIW) exists to support the development of new IP project proposals from Welsh media companies (TV, film and new media) that are located in the Welsh Convergence area. Media companies that are seeking MIW support should also be aiming to attract a proportion of final production funding from outside of Wales.

MIW can provide access to its facilities, as well as staff and industry expertise, to assist in media proposal development and in R&D activities, such as the creation of Pilots/Tasters (for a future television, feature film, internet concept, cross-platform content, etc.). In addition, MIW can help forge new R&D networks and advise media companies on a range of activities and processes, such as new digital technologies, the cross-media exploitation of projects and on emerging business models that can target new revenue streams.

MIW has a range of production and post-production resources that can only be used by media companies for research and IP development purposes. These include a RED One camera and Avid and Final Cut edit suites.

For further information, or to submit a project proposal to work with MIW, please download the application forms (via the link at the top of this page).

In addition, please also see the two other links at the top of this page for a video introduction to MIW and our current showreel.


MIW is a knowledge transfer project that is part of the Academia for Business (A4B) scheme. The A4B Fund is managed by the Welsh Government’s Department for Economy and Transport, and is financed by the Welsh Government and the European Union.




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